Asked Questions

Q: What does JROTC stand for? 

A: JROTC stands for Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.

Q: Do cadets in the JROTC program have any obligation to join any branch of the military?

A: No, joining any branch of the military is completely voluntary. JROTC is here to help students become better citizens, not recruits.

Q: What is part of the JROTC Curriculum? 

A: The JROTC Curriculum consists of military related topics such as marching and leadership. JROTC also teaches U.S. history, future financial planning, study skills, first aid, and other important life skills. After-school teams are also available and will improve vital skills learned in the classroom. The biggest lesson in JROTC, however, is becoming a leader.

Q: When do you wear uniforms? 

A: The uniform is worn on Wednesday for the purpose of uniform inspections. Cadet's who are not in school on Wednesday must arrange for an alternate dress out day during the same school week. 

Q: Why do you have to wear the uniform? 

A: The uniform, worn properly, is a sign of respect to the program, our country, those who have worn the uniform before us and yourself. It also prepares you for business etiquette and dress in life.

Q: Who can join JROTC? 

A: JROTC is open to all students enrolled at Clear Creek High school.

Q: If I’m in JROTC, can I still be in other programs, sports, and/or clubs? 

A: Yes. Even if you are in JROTC you can be in any sport, club, or program. The JROTC cadre and other school athletic coaches makes every effort to allow students to participate in other sports, clubs and/or programs.

Q: Are there any post graduation benefits to joining JROTC? 

A: Yes. Cadet's who participate in JROTC and have completed three years before the date of enlistment; these cadet's may be entitled to an advancement to PVT/E-2. For Cadet's who plan to attend a 4 - Year College/University that has a Senior JROTC program; participating in JROTC will provide a solid footing for success in the first two years of the SROTC program where you can compete for scholarship opportunities. 

Scholarship Opportunities: Those who aspire to move on to a 4 year College or University, and would like to consider competing for a College ROTC scholarship, please see below links and contact the Clear Creek H.S. Senior ROTC Instructor if you have questions: