Booster Club

Booster Club Officers

President: Steven Luttrell
Cadet: Lindsey Luttrell  (10th grade)

Vice-President:  Justin Brandon
Cadet: Abigail Brandon  (9th grade)

Treasurer: Christianne Woods
Cadet: Savannah (10th grade)

Secretary: Sheila Luttrell
Cadet: Lindsey Luttrell  (10th grade)

Membership Coordinator: Insert your name here
Cadet: Add Your Cadet Here ( __th grade)

Booster clubs meeting are normally the 3rd Wednesday of each month 6:30pm-7:30pm in LTC Harris' room. 

We plan to hold our meetings live and in person throughout the school year with a Zoom option for those unable to attend in person.  

Contact us at: Booster Club Form

Committee Members (We need Volunteers for all committees)

Family Picnic Committee:

Military Ball Committee:

Fundraising Committee:

Military Skills Night Committee:

Awards Night Committee:

Final Review Committee:

Scholarship Committee: